WIVES is a feminist performance collective based in Montreal and Toronto. Julia Thomas, Emma-Kate Guimond and Aisha Sasha John are versed in various dance textures, each bringing her individual practice to the collaboration: carpentry, video art, sculpture, and poetry. WIVES are developing Action Movie in residency at Studio 303 and Vermont Performance Lab and will debut it in 2017 at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines. Other works include the experimental sport Feeled (OFFTA 2016, Montreal and Hatch 2015, Toronto) and Sea Foam Blue (SummerWorks 2014, Toronto). WIVES also curate the semi-annual interdisciplinary performance series ASSEMBLÉE (formerly ººENGAGEMENT PARTYºº) which opened in April 2016 at Studio 303.

WIVES locate our political and emotional selves in our bodies. The real and the performed are indivisible; a collective WIVES body performs this negotiation. Choreography is the operation WIVES employ to articulate our feminisms. We engage with oppressive institutions such as Disney, professional sports and Hollywood action movies, hollowing them out of their destructive strangeness and recuperating sensation from the sensational.

WIVES sculptures extend and emphasize our investment in materiality. The transformational potential of bodies and materials is a key component of our politics. WIVES videos subvert institutional codes by earnestly mimicking. Our failure to mimic reveals the inherent closeness of the institution: we fail to copy them because they are not made for us.

These strategies are accomplished through collaboration. In WIVES, everybody does everything. Who we are in relation to each other is foundational political material. WIVES perform our real relation to each other.